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February 24, 2020

It looks like ultrasound with contrast results show the cancer has spread to her organs.  

They say the images didn't "enhance" like fungus or abscesses do (the masses in question did not light up when contrast was administered).  So while they can't give us a 100% guarantee, all teams are confident in saying this is all tumor / swollen liver due to tumor.  She can not get the good CT scan because of her poor organ function right now, but they can see what they believe to be cancer all over her liver, bowels, and abdomen.  January's CT scan showed nothing on her organs, so all of this has appeared since the new chemo started.

Our oncologist will review everything and talk to us tomorrow... I'm sure to just tell us nothing is working.  

Julia was unresponsive for pretty much all of January, and then recently she's started to come back.  We get obvious "dada"'s every day, and she is moving her eye better to find the iPad when it's not right in front of her.  She found Reed and smiled at him during trach care this morning - all the nurses saw it.  And when Reed just say he was going to help with her "junkies" (drool, in this case), he turned on the suction machine and she shook her head no and clamped her mouth shut.

How does this happen when she's getting worse so quickly?  I guess it's possible December's brain bleed is just reabsorbing, allowing her to show this slight improvement.  

So, pretty awful news.  I do not believe there any coming back from this.  Her abdomen is very tight.  There is little room to expand, but the tumors are growing rapidly.  At least they are confident they can handle the pain aspect of anything that is to come.  We will know more tomorrow after we talk to oncology.


Gabriel has just started to play pretend.  And Charlene got a video today of him holding up a little white drawer organizer saying "Julia's bed".  I guess that's going to be his only memory of his big sister... bald and lying in a hospital bed. 


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