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February 22, 2020

Short Julia update.  She's had an OK day.  The left chest tube drain was removed late last night with no issue.  She threw up a few times, which was new(ish).  (She hasn't thrown up in months - possibly because she couldn't).  But no fevers or anything, and it was shortly after chemo, so it's just possible that bothered her for some reason.  I guess I should clarify that.  The Mebendazole is being considered a chemo.  She gets that every day.  The other (traditional) chemo is 5 days on, 3 weeks off.  

The ultrasound came back and apparently shows there is NOT fluid in her stomach to drain.  The drain is the right place, but there just isn't fluid there... so we want to know what it is, because clearly something is making her look pregnant.  Reed has been home today for a Gabriel visit, and he's just on his way back to Julia now, so we haven't had a chance to speak with the doctor about what their theory is.  I know they don't have any new imaging that could verify tumor growth (no CT / MRIs since early January), so my guess is swollen organs.  But I'll update when we know for sure.

We've called to check on Julia several times, and she's had a fine day.  Sleeping good, watching cartoons, vitals fine.  I'm sure she'll have a nice big smile for daddy in 45 minutes <3 


Really nice visit with Gabriel.  Gabriel was SO HAPPY to see daddy here!  I wish I had recorded him running up to the door, but I didn't.  They have been playing NONSTOP since this afternoon.  Every toy in the closet has been taken out and is now all over the floor.  Gabriel refused to nap, and just wanted his daddy.  

They even played video games together (Gabriel had one Switch controller, and figured out that "OK jump" meant to press a specific button...) so he and daddy went around Minecraft for a while.  Daddy steered, Gabriel jumped.  He mostly just got excited to see cows.  And apparently he recognized a Minecraft Spider right away... I assume that's Joshua's doing =)   But still.  First daddy-son video game which Reed was thrilled with!


I do have stuff for a video, but I won't have time to get it up until later, if I remember. 




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