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February 2, 2020

Not an awful day medically. I personally think she looks pretty bad around the stomach. Just swollen and red like usual, with the dark g-tube discharge, and she's getting a little veiny. Her right eye is a bit red (probably from it being 'stuck' open sometimes staring at nothing). So they have some lube all around it and started a different eye drop. They don't think it's anything more than irritation from being open because the white of the left eye still looks fine. Vitals are OK right now. Heart rate 140s, ET 43, BP 89/54. They've continued to drain her abdomen at the 50% increased rate they started last night. So far she's just need a small bolus of fluids, but no medicine intervention. Her urine output continues at 1-5ml per hour, so, currently no improvement with the increased drain. She's been alert today. It's only for a few seconds at a time, maybe up to two minutes with big sleepy eyes throughout. But she definitely makes eye contact and watches Peppa. And one time while Reed was talking to her she seemed to very clearly move her mouth around (no idea what she was trying to say). So just waiting to see if this chemo does anything, and trying to pull more fluid and get her to start peeing again, as that will be the next major issue if it doesn't improve. ~~~~ Gabriel is doing OK today after his injury last night (if you missed my update, he got his finger caught in the moving treadmill). At church, Charlene had a few of her nurse friends take a look. You'd think they were sawing his arm off when they took off the band-aid, but they both agreed it's not broken, just really sore. And some nice gentleman apparently had Paw Patrol band-aids in his wallet for his grandsons, so Gabriel got a fancy new one =) But other than being gentle with his finger, he seems pretty much back to normal. ~~~~ I took a short video of Julia, so that's in the comments (slow hospital internet). And I found a few sweet pictures from the Superbowl two years ago. She was in an adorable Eagles cheerleader outfit, and she spent most of the time snuggling her new baby brother... she cared as much about football as her mommy and daddy <3 Jonathan was excited enough for the rest of us.

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