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February 19, 2020

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Today's been pretty good.  Her vitals have been decent, with BP a touch on the low side: heart rate 150s, ET low 40s, BP 70s/40s.  An albumin treatment didn't really bring her BP up, but no one seems worried.  No fevers.  

I guess her white cells were a bit elevated a few days ago when she had the fevers, but no infection was found.  She gets more labs tomorrow and they're hoping to see them come down.  They're thinking it's just an immune response to the cancer, rather than an infection.  

Her abdominal drain has been working decently during the day.  It was still slow last night and this morning (100-120ml instead of 150), but then it picked up to meet their goal every two hours so hopefully that keeps up.  Perhaps the larger volume being removed is why her BP is a bit low.  It's such a delicate balance.


I held her hand while I worked today, and I didn't feel any movement at all.  I moved her fingers all around, and held in different positions.  A few times I thought I felt something, but I realized it was just her hand moving because I moved it.  I guess I didn't expect much, but I was still really hoping for something.  

But we're PRETTY SURE she gave us smiles again!  I'm finding it hard to tell the difference between a smile and a grimace, but I'm now 60% sure they are mostly smiles.  All three nurses today are sure they're smiles.  I mean, she does grimace, but those seem to affect her forehead a bit more than her chubby-cheek smiles.  So we got a video of her "maybe smiling" while she was petting her dog (with assistance of course) <3 That should be in the comments if internet cooperates.  And then there was a 20 minute period where the nurse and I were watching her, and we couldn't decide if she was smiling or grimacing.  She wasn't doing anything but watching her iPad, and her heart rate wasn't elevated by even a point... and the episode of Bubble Guppies WAS funny... but who knows.  

Video in comments.




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