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February 17, 2020

Final day for this round of chemo.

She's had another pretty tired day, as expected.  Vitals have been pretty good, heart rate 140s/150s, BP fine.  She had another fever last night of 102 (38.9), but all day she's been good.  All tests have come back negative for infection, kind of as expected - they are pretty sure this is just a chemo fever, but they have to rule out treatable causes every time "just in case".

The abdominal drain is getting out about 100ml every 2 hours (rather than the 150ml goal).  So it's slowing down a bit, but I guess they don't want to jump right to the de-clogger since that can promote bleeding.  It's certainly an option though if it keeps slowing down.

And while she's been sleeping the majority of the day, she's had a few short awake periods where she was pretty alert.  She gave more vocal Julia-attitude to the nurses when they were bugging her.  She was very clearly watching Paw Patrol.  And Reed's pretty sure he felt a few finger twitches early on (unknown if they were intentional).  I haven't personally felt any twitches since the last time I posted about it.  The nurse is also pretty sure Julia mouthed 'dada' today - that's the first time a nurse has mentioned seeing something specific, but Julia wouldn't do it again when asked to.  And we're pretty sure she even shook her head no when asked if we could do something (one time, but that would be a first in a while).  So... even though she's been mostly exhausted, lots of possible signs of alertness throughout the day <3


One of Julia's friends was looking for a way to help make a difference, so she's working with the Red Cross to arrange a Blood Drive in Julia's honor <3 And I believe they said at least 90% of blood collected is going directly to CHOP!  

Julia has received So. Much. Blood.  I had no idea cancer patients needed it so often.  Thankfully people have continued to donate to keep CHOP stocked for all the kids there - but they are always at risk of running low.  I would love to see a huge truck-full of blood show up in Julia's honor <3 <3 

It will be held Friday April 17th from 2:30-7:30pm, at the church Charlene and family belong to: Gateway Church in Parkesburg, PA (Hello to members who didn't know the little guy making dinosaur roars during services is Gabriel.)  

There will be an online sign up soon, but I wanted to get the details out there so people can get it on their calendars.  We will all be there, hopefully the whole time.  Depending on what's going on with Julia, we might try to make it a bit more exciting than just getting a needle in your arm (because... not super yay).  And I can promise we will have great refreshments!  Charlene's church is fantastic - and I'm sure as soon as they know they're hosting this for Julia, there will be a line of people making yummy treats <3 (And this event will happen regardless of Julia's status come April, but of course we're hoping for a happy event.)

Not sure if you can give blood?  There's lots of misinformation out there.  Here's a great eligibility FAQ by the Red Cross, including specific medications and medical conditions:  

So please come give blood on April 17th.  If you've never done it before, sign up and give it a try.  Maybe we can have some fancy numbing cream or those cool shot-blockers for people who are nervous.  And you can still have brownies if you chicken out. 

But if Julia can get stuck in the arm 50 times a day, then all her local followers can do it once in her honor.  Who knows, if you match her blood type, your blood might get into her little warrior body come spring <3 

So put it on your calendars, and hopefully we'll see you there =)


Hopefully video tomorrow as she starts to perk back up.




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