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February 16, 2020

Day 4 of 5 for chemo.

Short Julia update, because she's mostly just slept the day away.  We didn't really notice the exhaustion from chemo round #1 in January, because she was mostly unresponsive anyway.  But now that she's awake good portions of the day, her (expected) tiredness is much more apparent.  

The drain is still intermittent, but they're keeping an eye on it.  They can usually get the amount they're after, so they're not doing anything about it just yet.  

She spiked another small fever last night, I think 101 (38.4).  Tylenol and cooling down the room got it down some, and now it's just been low-grade all day.  Likely due the fever and chemo, her heart rate has been high (180s).  BP has been fine.  And of course, since there is a fever, they check pretty much every bodily fluid for infection, so those labs are running.

She's had very little awake time today.  She CAN wake up, and make obvious eye contact, and obvious mouth movement, but her eyelid starts to get heavy in like two minutes.  Unless something new and crazy is going on, this is just textbook chemo.

So that's really it.  One more day of chemo tomorrow and then hopefully she'll be a bit less tired =)


No new video.  Just imagine her sleeping, and then we're all on the same page =)




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