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February 16, 2019

Day 5/5 of chemo complete. Tomorrow she gets the recovery booster, and then it's just waiting while her levels bottom out and then rise. She's very tired, and we've not seen her eye open at all, nor felt any hand movement. Reed held her hand for a looooong time hoping for a twitch, but she just wasn't into it today. She is, in general, more aware though (we believe), and gets easily agitated. She still moves her mouth a lot and lets people know she's not happy.

Her heart rate has been elevated all day: 140s/150s; this happened last time around day 5 and they believe it's just the chemo. ET is mid 40s, BP is 123/79. No complications as far as fever or vital concerns, so that's great! Given her dire situation, we opted for the hard chemo, with an 85% chance of complications... so we're hoping Julia beats the odds again during round 2 =)

We are moving forward with switching to a better nutrition option - THANK YOU for all the suggestions! We're comparing Nourish, Kate Farms, and Real Food Blends. A friend hooked me up with a nutritionist, so we've started the conversation there (super excited to have a professional's help in this area!) And we're going to supplement her formula with "super cancer fighters" ... as soon as I know what those are, and in what amounts. But we can't WAIT to get her off this synthetic stuff. Like I said, nutrition definitely isn't my area of expertise... but I can't even pronounce half of the ingredients in her current formula, so I assume that is not the best option when fighting cancer. I'm sure it's great for a short stay in the PICU, but we need her body functioning at optimal levels


So that's all the Julia news today. She'll be watched very closely over the next few days as her counts hit 0. We are so hopeful for an increase in alertness / physical ability as she recovers over the next week or so <3

In non-medical news, I've been wanting to share some of the really amazing gifts you have sent Julia! We received this REALLY COOL championship belt. I wish you could all feel the WEIGHT of it - it's heavy! And everything about it is PERFECT - the colors, the ribbons, the warrior drawing, the "Be Your Own Hero". I have no idea who made this, but the quality is professional. This was a huge hit among the wrestling fans at the office =) And once Julia is able to sit up again, she's going to wear this BADASS CHAMPIONSHIP belt to show how strong she is!

And the other amazing gift is this bible. All of the pages were folded over at odd angles, and we spent a long time trying to decipher the hidden message! We were pretty stumped, until we looked at the edge of the pages... they spell out "Julia" with a heart at the front. This is the most amazing bible I've ever seen! Unfortunately, we won't be reading this one (it's OK, we have others!), because it's just way too beautiful. I can't even begin to think about how much time this took... the pages are all perfectly folded; like, there are no 'do-over' creases. It's just impressive. And clearly someone worked at this for HOURS AND HOURS, with love in their heart for Julia. That's why we appreciate the time the thoughtfulness that went into these gifts (and the others we have received) SO MUCH... and I can't wait for Julia to see everything =)



*** That's all the updates - Just a bit more about my CBD info last night ***

Yesterday I posted about where I'm currently buying Julia's CBD oil - and I got a ton of responses! I knew people were looking for it, but I would have been much more thorough if I knew how MANY people were looking for themselves and loved ones who are ill. There are so many brands out there, and I've used many, but currently this is the one we're doing. Dana Boyd runs this website and she's extremely helpful (and kind!) She'd be happy to answer your questions =)

Honestly, I have no idea what is helping Julia right now when "the best doctors in the field" said she only had days left. It might be the CBD, the RSO, the PEMF Therapy mat, prayers from around the world, or some combination of all. But something appears to be working... so with that, I can't NOT recommend these items to other people in a similar situation. Since some people found my link confusing last night [sorry! it was getting close to midnight and I was in a rush =) ]... here are exact steps to buy the oil if you're looking for it:

1. Go to this site:

2. Click on "Shop CBD BioCare" (link in first section)

3, Hover over "Shop" on the top-left navigation

4. Click on "CBD BioCare"

5. Click on the first option "Full Spectrum CBD Oil"

6. You can choose the strength from the drop-down menu. I get 3500mg for Julia.

7. I use coupon code "danaboyd", and it looks like there is a Valentines Day sale going on today and tomorrow which probably saves more, in combination.

And please talk to an expert about dosing, but as reference, we are currently giving Julia 700-800mg a day (which is a lot!) She's been going through a bottle every 1-4 days, depending on the concentration.





********* Official Links ***********

(These are here because of scammers)


Julia's *only* website:

Julia's *only" Facebook page:

Julia's *only* GoFundMe:

Julia's *only* official fundraiser:

T-shirts -

Where I buy Julia's CBD Oil (CBD BioCare 3500mg bottle): || Coupon code: danaboyd

If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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Wendy Lynn Nelson
Wendy Lynn Nelson
22 февр. 2019 г.

That bible amazing! Not just the time it must have taken to do the folding, but the time to figure out how to do it before they started on the actual bible!

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