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February 11, 2020

Another emergency-free day.  

Her heart rate has been steady in the 150s all day, 160s if she's being bothered.  It's a touch higher than her normal 130s/140s.  But everything else is still just fine, so I guess... who knows.  Blood pressures have been steady, ET is great, all vent settings are pretty minimal.  All tests have come back negative.  

Her mouth doesn't look great.  I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I think she just has some blood and stomach bile coming up through the nose tube.  But because she HATES having her teeth brushed, and now bites down on mouth swabs, it's just not super nice to look at.  Combine that with her really dry and chapped lips, and that's why I have a longer-shot picture and video tonight.  I've noticed that when her face gets really swollen, her lips get super dry.  No idea if they are actually related or not.

She's had a pretty alert day.  Lots of awake time.  Lots of pretty convincing eye contact (still not sure how good her eyesight is... if she has any at all).  We haven't gotten her to obviously react to anything visual-only, but she really does seem to look at us when we're in front of her.  Lots of mouth movement, some definite "dada"'s.  A few gigantic Julia-yawns.  I held her hand for a while trying to get her to wiggle a finger and didn't feel anything, but as soon as Reed sat down he said he felt something. 


Picture: Julia got a sweet bag of goodies from a little girl on the 9th floor - she just had her third brain surgery and is learning to walk again <3 The goodies were placed on Julia... mostly because she can't tell me not to =) And Gabriel had his first swim lesson with Aunt Charlene.  He was super excited going into it, and looked mighty handsome in his Paw Patrol swimsuit... but his happiness lasted until he was told to do something in the water.  And then going under... lol.  At least his tantrum wore him out and he slept well in the car =) They'll try again next week!

Video in comments.




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