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February 1, 2020

Edit - Updated

Original: Not actually a Julia update yet. Gabriel is visiting and he hurt his finger by sticking it somewhere it didn’t belong. This has been an... ordeal. It’s almost 11 and I haven’t gotten a new update from reed so I just wanted to post before people worried. I’ll update details about Julia shortly. Just trying to get little guy settled ❤

1:00am: Well that was an exciting end to the night. My sister was over to help clean, as well as Charlene and family. Four adults in the room, and we didn't notice Joshua get on my treadmill and start it. Of course 2.5 seconds later Gabriel's hand was caught in the moving tread and he was screaming bloody murder. Jonathan was there in half a second and batted off the emergency stop magnet thing. Dad reflexes.

It could have turned out a lot worse than it did. Luckily it just pulled off skin on his finger and it probably burned like crazy. We don't think anything is broken, and it's not too deep. It looks like just the top layer of skin was taken off. But it was... an ordeal to get it cleaned with Neosporin and a band-aid. Seeing him shake and cry and try to get away was super horrible. I've already been through the forced-medical pain "for your own good" with one toddler. I can't handle it with the other.

But... crisis averted. No midnight visit to CHOP to see his sister. It took quite a while for him to calm down. I think him being physically stuck and all our reactions traumatized him more than the injury, but I'm sure his little finger is going to be pretty sore for a few days =( And Joshua didn't say a word the rest of the time he was here. He clearly felt horrible.


Julia's doing OK. Vitals are decent. The biggest concern is the continued lessening of urine output - almost nothing today. The team increased abdominal drainage by about 50% a few hours ago (that's quite a large step), and they are watching her pressure very closely. They want to avoid epinephrine, but they're ready if needed... so far so good.

Minimal responsiveness today, but some. We're just hoping to have some positive drainage to report by tomorrow, to hopefully get some pressure of her abdomen and maybe get her kidneys going again.

So that's all I have right now. Pretty high strung from the Gabriel incident. Video tomorrow.

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