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December 9, 2019

It has been... a day. Aunt Charlene called this morning because Gabriel was just miserable. He was up all night coughing so much he could barely take a breath. He hasn't eaten since the scrambled eggs he threw up yesterday for breakfast. The biggest concern was his fever and that he was really pulling in hard to breathe. I called his family doctor and they said they definitely wanted to see him. So I called Reed to let him know Gabriel was going back to the doctor, and he said Julia was currently getting another CT scan because she got all neurologically weird again over night (like she did when her shunt was broke). Just very loopy, very unresponsive. Like... Julia has terminal cancer, she should take priority, right? But then Gabriel is miserable and keeps saying "mommy hold you" and I've barely seen him in over a month. Urgent care yesterday said he had a double ear infection, likely from the cold he had several weeks ago. But since his breathing was so bad, I wanted to be at the doctor's office to hear what was said. So Charlene brought him over. He was super hot, lethargic, and barely said anything. Every time he tried he just coughed. He just wanted to be held under a blanket. His doctor listened to his lungs and said they sound fine, and actually said he has no sign of an ear infection in either ear... so I have no idea what urgent care was talking about. His doctor said it appears to be viral, and he will likely have a few more rough days. I asked if it's contagious, and he said very likely. You know, as Gabriel coughed in my face. So that's awesome.


Julia's CT scan was normal, but another x-ray showed the fluid pocket near her lungs has filled up significantly, and they are discussing whether another temporary drain, or a permanent drain is the right option. She randomly spiked at 101+ fever today, so they drew labs and started her on antibiotics. Maybe Gabriel was sick several days ago the last time I saw him and I brought his virus to Julia. And when I finally got to the hospital an hour ago, the first thing I noticed was Julia's left hand is swollen like a balloon. They are now doing an ultrasound of her neck and left arm, looking for a blood clot. While they have the machine here, they are looking at her lung and chest again. She hates it. I'm sure it hurts to have this machine pressing on her. And I can't do anything to comfort her because it needs to be done. But she's miserable. I personally think her face has also been swelling up the last few days. And I have not seen her use her right arm really at all, and she can barely move her right foot. So in my opinion she's WAY worse right now than she was two days ago. . So that's how the day has gone. It would be super nice if I could just sit at home, cuddling with my two sick and miserable, but otherwise not dying, toddlers. I felt awful leaving Gabriel today. I felt awful coming to see Julia knowing I was around his germs. But I'd feel even more awful if I stayed away with how bad she appears to be doing. Hopefully they find something treatable with all these tests. ~~~~

Video of Julia in comments whenever hospital internet uploads.

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