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December 30, 2018

Julia had a CT scan this morning. Reed didn't give me much info other than "everything looked fine". I guess this scan was to look mostly for any swelling or bleeding - possible complications from the stroke. So that's good news. He said they didn't specifically comment on the status of the infection or halo removal. He said that will likely be determined from the MRI, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Other than that, really no news today. It's been another quiet day, which is great! She threw up once early this morning and then not again all day. No fevers. Heart rate is fine while medicated. She's very tired on the new sleepy meds, so she's really just sleeping. There were a couple hand holds and one "yes motion" to cartoons, but that's it. She's been out almost the entire day. I believe she's still being kept "comfortable" to get past a good chunk of withdrawal... but possibly also the halo stage, if they've been thinking for a while that it might come off sooner rather than later.

I included a pic from before she went into the hospital for all her new Facebook friends. I wish you all could have seen her... she was just so happy. It's been over a month and a half since I've seen her smile.

We should be getting more news after the MRI tomorrow, and I hope it's all in the right direction. No more set backs!

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