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December 27, 2019

No new excitement today. Short update since I'm down here with Charlene and we need to head out soon. They had a really good visit. Charlene crawled into bed and took a nap. Julia was very content =) I talked to the resident doctor about the x-ray and ultrasound of her swollen abdomen. Their main concern (I think he said a CSF-oma?) was not present. Everything showed all the typical fluid that's there, just in larger quantities. No masses or anything. Lots of poop. So they gave her some more laxatives and it's helped, but if anything, it only reduced swelling a touch. I explained my concern with this being CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) that is no longer being absorbed, but is being deposited into her abdomen by her shunt (as intended). He agreed that's a possibility they are looking into. Tomorrow at rounds they will discuss what the next step is - might be a biopsy. She gave me a good smile when I made a funny face so I got out the camera. I got another smaller smile, and that video is in the comments. But in general, a nice lazy, comfortable day for her in general.

(I will add video when I'm home - it's on Facebook now) . . .

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