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December 25, 2019

Christmas update. Julia's doing pretty good vital wise, heart rate 120s/130s, respiratory rate 30s, oxygen saturation mid-90s on just 25% oxygen support, ET 50, BP 108/56. She is sleeping even more than the last few days. I personally don't see much recognition out of her when she's awake, but Reed says he does. We weren't down here in the middle of the day, but since being back, I have not seen any communication attempts from her. The newest issue is her swelling. Her face and arms have puffed back up again, but in addition... it's her stomach. She looks pregnant. The skin on her stomach is so tight, and it's shiny, and a weird vein is starting to show. They also said there has been some discharge around her g-tube, so IR will come by tomorrow and look into it. They were trying to encourage some bowel movements, and with the help of medicine she's had three today, but her stomach only gets bigger... So I guess that's it. Not much else to say. New concerning things pretty much every other day or so. Reed is hoping this is a blockage of some sort, which has not been ruled out. Hopefully this chemo starts kicking in soon. ~~~~ In the other half of our life, Gabriel had a really wonderful Christmas visit with his daddy today. I was cuddling with him on the couch watching cartoons, and he saw Reed walk past the window but you could hear the uncertainty in his voice, "Daddy's home?" Because daddy's NEVER home. But then he heard the door open and he fell over himself getting off the couch so he could run down the hall. It was really sweet. I don't think they've seen each other in a month since we've all been sick. They snuggled, and played together, and had lunch, and Reed got to hear some of Gabriel's new full sentences. Little things make it clear how much Reed has missed... like, he shared his leftovers, and he cut up the chicken small enough to feed to a fish, (Gabriel is well into the just-hand-him-the-box-of-nuggets stage). But it was very nice. Gabriel and Reed were both really happy. . I brought down a Christmas outfit thinking we could get Julia in it for a picture. It's a beautiful dress sent from one of her Facebook friends. But of course we can't mess with her now seeing how bloated she is. No new video. Nothing to see there that a picture doesn't show. So I picked one from January 2018 and one of Gabriel today helping Reed open his present.

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