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December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve update. Julia's had an OK day. Very sleepy. Her vitals are looking better today though, heart rate in 130s, and supporting oxygen down to 30% with good oxygen saturation. They cannot be completely certain without "going into her lung", but after finding bacteria in both her blood and urine, the cloudiness on the right lung, and the cultures, the working theory is Julia has developed ventilator associated pneumonia. This is just something that happens in a hospital, especially with a weak immune system. She had this twice last December, and it was a contributing factor for why she couldn't come off the breathing tube and required a trach in the first place. (The pneumonia made her very weak, she couldn't cough due to the halo, and the couldn't manually clear her due to the surgery location.) So, it's not fantastic that she has pneumonia with low white blood cells. It could certainly turn out to be a bad thing. The good news is, they caught it early, they are pretty confident it's what it is, and they've already switched her antibiotics to start fighting it. Vitals are fine today, no fevers, no new concerns. Just VERY tired. Sleeping... 90% of the day. She's woken up a few times, asked for dada and iPad, and then went back to sleep. Hopefully it's her body hard at work fighting off this infection. ~~~~ We had a really nice Christmas Eve at the house. Gabriel, Aunt Charlene, Uncle Jonathan, and cousins Kinley and Joshua; with surprise guests Megan and Manny just because. So we had a nice dinner, and opened a bunch of presents. 70% of the gifts under the tree were re-gifts of what Gabriel got at his birthday... he was just as excited this time around =) Kinley and Joshua also had several gifts from their birthday that arrived later, including two amazing book sets for Kinley (she LOVED them)! Gabriel just wanted to play with the first thing he opened got. He was annoyed that we kept trying to get him to open more presents. He got a Paw Patrol watch and he didn't need anything else. Oh, and now in addition to sharpie on my furniture, which I haven't had time to clean, Gabriel came walking up to the table saying "made a mess, made a mess" with two empty hot chocolate cups in his hands... then ran back to jump in chocolate puddles. But it was very nice. They all just left around 11:30, Gabriel's going to have Christmas morning over there, and then I think I'll see him in the afternoon. Since Julia is sleeping so much and is doing a bit better, Reed might come home for a few hours to see Gabriel, and then we'll go back to the hospital together. I don't have a video today, but I'll add some pictures. . . .

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