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December 24, 2018

Another boring update! Absolutely nothing new. No fever, no emergencies... good vitals. No change in status of eyes or left arm.

She's sleeping the majority of the day, only being awake for max 5 minutes at a time. She wakes up when they want her to, but then goes right back to sleep because she's exhausted. I believe she's fully weaned off the narcotic sleep medicine, and is now on the non-narcotic one. They aren't purposely keeping her so sedated, she's just responding really strongly to this medicine. They're just trying to keep her comfortable, and to allow her to get used to her new situation slowly. She's VERY agitated when she's more awake, and they don't want to upset her whiles she's stuck in position and can't talk. So they're going to slowly wean this new one over the next week or two.

I guess we'll really get the first bit of information on Wednesday, assuming Christmas is uneventful. She's due for another full scan, and a discussion regarding the status of her infection and re-starting chemo.

So hopefully she just gets to spend a nice sleepy day visiting with brother tomorrow for Christmas.

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