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December 22, 2018

Day 2 without an emergency. She was given another CT scan to check the shunt and everything looked good. She's very irritable, and they say that's just due to the withdrawal. They've started weaning her off the sedative she's been on for over a month. They're switching it out for a non-narcotic version to still give her some comfort. But they said they expect her to be extra cranky for a while. She's still on the pain relief and relaxant.

We haven't gotten any smiles yet, but Reed got a "no-sound agreement grunt" today when he asked if she wanted cartoons, so that's the first time she's tried to verbally communicate with someone in weeks. She never quite got to "yes" before all this started; she would just do like, an "mmm!" with a funny smile and body motion. So he was able to recognize the attempt anyway. He gave her cartoons and she promptly fell asleep.

I love her hair in the pic Reed sent. Her nurse washed and brushed right around her scalp incision (that I can barely look at), and pulled everything back in a cute little bow appropriate for a 2 year old. I have the highest admiration for nurses after all this.

I guess the best Christmas present at this point is absolutely nothing exciting happening! Just a sleeping, healing baby, getting ready for treatment.

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