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December 21, 2018

Julia had a good day today. There was no evidence of seizures over 24 hours so they took all the leads off her head and removed the extra equipment. She's been moving both feet, and we saw a few twitches out of her left hand. Nothing like her right, but at least it's not 100% motionless. She continues to wean off her sedation so she's much more alert when she's awake. She successfully ripped off a few oxygen leads and tugged at her trach tube... so that got secured nice and tight =) She's looking at us much better today as well.

Her vitals were mostly good. Her heart rate is elevated, but they believe that might be a bit of withdrawal. Our neurosurgeon stopped by and he's very happy with her progress.

I guess the plan is to just let her rest and heal over the weekend, and then see what things look like on Monday. There were no emergencies today, which feels like the first time in forever! So hoping for an uneventful weekend.

Julia's current address: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 3401 Civic Center Blvd 7 South Room 20 Philadelphia, PA 19104

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