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December 2, 2018

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

We have a GREAT new video today! We did one better than eyes open, her cousin made her laugh! You can't hear anything because the breathing tube presses against her vocal cords, but she is definitely laughing! It was SO NICE TO SEE!!! Her cousin was dancing at the foot of the bed making silly faces.

She had a really great day today, and she is a perfect candidate to come off the breathing tube tomorrow. She has a very mild fever, which is expected from the pneumonia. And she only needed one rescue during a "breathing treatment" (which she hates). But she's done a great job squeezing her hands and even trying to lift her legs a bit. She's READY to be out of this bed. She had many visitors today and she's totally zonked out after all the excitement.

No other news today, everything went really well. Excited for the breathing tube to be out so I can hear my baby talk!!

View video of Julia laughing on Facebook - (The video doesn't work well on the blog)

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