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December 13, 2018

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Julia is doing really well post surgery. Her vitals are great, and the doctors and nurses are happy with how everything is going. She's still spiking a fever randomly. They're checking every 2 hours. Currently it's at 102, but the majority of today it's been 99. So it just comes and goes. Her swelling has gone way down, and her face is looking much more normal. I attached a picture of her getting her mouth treatment, which she really likes when she's awake. They do them every few hours and it tastes like mint which is her favorite =)

She's VERY sleepy, but will still wiggle her fingers around sometimes looking for Reed. He spends hours a day just standing next to her bed holding her hand.

I'm so hoping that by Christmas she can be awake and sitting up enough to get hugs. I haven't hugged her since before her surgery. It feels like forever. I wasn't prepared for the halo and to have to wait while she's sedated for so long. I just watched my dad go through FOUR brain surgeries over the summer, and he was up and about two days later. I thought I knew what to expect for this one... I just wasn't ready to go SO LONG without holding her.

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