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December 12, 2019

Super late update. I'm updating from Aunt Charlene's house... can't leave yet because Gabriel is still awake and he'd be really upset. We've all been hanging out here since we're sick anyway.


Julia's having a pretty good day. The drain has removed over a liter of fluid so far. No wonder she was miserable. It's currently capped to give her a break, and they will likely try to drain some more tomorrow. An ultrasound showed the clot in her left arm (at the PICC line) has resolved itself. They removed the line. They said her balloon arm/hand could take several days to improve, but hopefully it only gets better from here. They also removed the IV in her right arm.

She's doing MUCH better today. I mean, still her new not-fantastic state, but lots of smiles and kisses, and even a few laughs ❤ She really finds it funny whenever she comes across Itsy Bitsy Spider during her channel surfing. So she had some pretty good laughs with that. We haven't seen her laugh in almost a week.


It's been a really nice day with Gabriel 😊 I picked up Dunkin Donuts on the way over, and apparently he can just help himself to anything on the table or counter now... He took the smallest nibble out of at least half the donuts. And then lined them up on a shelf.


I have a short video, but I can't upload it from here. I'll add it when I get home. Right now Gabriel is throwing a toddler-sized fit, so we're trying to get him to bed. [Edit: I'll add video tomorrow night]

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