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December 12, 2018

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Julia's surgeries went well.  The trach and g tube went in without issue.  While they had her under, they noticed the surgery wound in the back of her throat had opened up a bit.  They said that can happen, and sewed it closed just to speed up healing (but they said it would have healed just fine on its own).  They also switched out her vest with a thinner frame one for better access... and one not covered in vomit.

She will be kept under heavy sedation for 4 days while they monitor her progress.  The chemo will continue while she's under.  I guess she's considered "good" once she's gotten through the first trach swap, which happens in 5 days, and then weens off all the sedation with no concerns.  So about a week process. 

The doctors were impressed that while recovering from the paralytic in the room she still managed to grab hold of daddy's hand and not let it go.  She was also still waking up through the recovery sedation when he would say her name - just barely, her face would twitch, but even that was more aware than they wanted her, so they deepened it a bit more.  This little girl and her daddy...

This pic was a few hours after surgery, so she's still really puffy from the fluids.  But it sure is nice to see her pretty face without all the tubes.

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