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December 10, 2019

Welp, Gabriel was contagious. While visiting Julia last night, I swore my throat was starting to get sore. But I thought there's no way anything acted that fast... Just to be safe, I stayed away from her. (She slept almost the whole time, but I still feel bad I didn't cuddle in bed like I told her I would =( ) I sanitized everything I touched as well, just in case. Then I woke up at 5am with a HORRIBLE sore throat. By morning my head was completely stuffed up. I FaceTimed Aunt Charlene to check on our sick little guy, and she's now sick too. So, we all caught whatever Gabriel is giving out. Hopefully I spared Reed and Julia. . I had updated my post last night saying that they did find a clot in her left arm, most certainly caused by the PICC line. The plan is to remove the PICC line and hope the clot clears up on its own (she's had two previous clots and they've both resolved). They are keeping the PICC line in until her procedure tomorrow. They tried to give her an anticoagulant, but Reed asked to double check with the whole team to be sure it was OK, given her stroke history and upcoming surgery. And someone ended up saying no, so... good thing he checked. The line will be removed tomorrow, and they will followup with ultrasound to make sure the clot is not getting bigger and not moving. Hopefully we'll see some improvement in her balloon hand in the next few days. The team decided on a semi-permanent drain for her pleural effusion (fluid around her right lung). This will allow them to drain it as needed. It sounds sort of like the chest port she had for chemo, that was always there and could just be accessed when needed. It's likely not super comfortable, but it's probably more comfortable than having a big pocket of fluid compressing her lung; and she's on morphine regularly for other things, so hopefully just overall improvement in comfort level. When they drained the first one a few weeks ago, she was noticeably feeling better the next day, and that was with the big drain still in her side. That procedure is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10am. Incision #15. Other than that, her vitals have all been fantastic today. Even the nurse commented on how great they've looked. They were able to decrease her oxygen assistance to room air. And she's overall been very comfy - she only needed pain meds once recently, and now she's taking a nap. And it looks like her white blood cells recovered with the scheduled break from chemo, so that has started back up. She's had a few giggle moments today as well, which haven't made an appearance the last few days. ...Possibly morphine-induced, but still nice to see. . Gabriel is finally starting to look a little better. He had a few bites of food today, and he played for a bit <3 Talked a bunch on FaceTime (in between coughing fits, but overall improvement). But he started getting fussy toward bedtime and he's now sound asleep in Aunty's bed. Hopefully for the night... though unlikely. ~~~~

Video in comments. I asked Reed to just film whatever she's doing "right now", which is sleeping... so... sleeping Julia. That is started to be the normal lately. I added a short clip of Gabriel up and about, and a sweet one of Julia learning how to be a big sister <3 YouTube: . . .

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