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August 9, 2019

Late update tonight.  Reed and I just got home with Gabriel - it's the first time we've seen him in person in more than 2.5 weeks!  He's feeling much better and he's gotten so big <3 <3 (And he looks so handsome with his big boy haircut!) 

I've called to check in on Julia several times, and she's having a very good day, despite being on day 4 of 5 of chemo.  Both nurses said she's been very content.  Vitals are all fine.  She's happy, interactive, giving out lots of smiles.  She's taken some good naps, and contently played with her iPad and grocery basket =) No unexpected FaceTime calls yet... but I have my phone ready just in case.  She had a session with OT.  They were interacting with her in bed, but it got cut short when she starting to throw up.  She reacts shortly after chemo is administered every time, so they're ready for it.  And she's been on the HME for a good portion of the day - I will need to get exact hours tomorrow.


Earlier when Reed was there on his computer, he heard commotion and some Julia-giggles.  He looked over and she had her hand over her face like she does when playing peek-a-boo, and then she took it off and started laughing.  He saw that there was a peek-a-boo video playing on her iPad!  She was playing along and couldn't stop giggling <3  Before she got sick (I guess about a year ago), she was JUST starting to play hide and seek.  I'd tell her to go hide and I'd count really loud.  She always hid in the same spot - behind the curve of the couch.  So she'd squeeze herself in as far as she could go and then cover her face.  I'd walk around the downstairs looking for her, and I'd say things like, "Is Julia in the kitchen?" And we'd hear the sweetest, daintiest, "No" from behind the couch.

So recently she started doing it again! She hides by covering her face with her hand, and then I'll ask, "Is Julia in the bathroom?", and she shakes her head and adds her no-finger.  And then if I can't find Julia she will uncover her face and excitedly point to herself to show me she's right there.  And she's gotten so used to the game that now she rushes through it.  I barely start to ask "Is Julia..." and she does the no-finger, laughs, and points to herself.  I finally got in on video, so it's shared tonight.

And since so many people commented on how cute her daddy-pat was during their hug last night, I thought I'd share this cute clip from the night before.  She has been so lovey all week long.  She just wants to hug and kiss everyone <3  Both videos combined into one in the comments.


While at Aunt Charlene's to pick up Gabriel just now, we decided to try to FaceTime Julia.  She answered!!!  I guess the iPad was within reach and she saw a thing pop up so she pressed it =) We caught her in the middle of her bath (which she hates), but she was soooo happy to see everyone.  <3 <3 


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