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August 30, 2019

Short Julia update.   Day 4 / 5 for chemo.  Almost done this round.  She's really staying in good spirits.  Her vitals have all been great today, and surprisingly no vomiting.  

She had a great Speech/OT session this morning, despite her exhaustion!  She was a bit grumpy to start, but they bribed her with markers.  They were working on having her sit up in bed while coloring (working on core strength / stability / leaning forward). She did a really good job =)  And entire week of therapy right through chemo infusions and she did great!

And now she's just been the most content cartoon-watching Julia ever.  Anytime someone walks into the room, she just points at them, and points at the TV.  Everyone watches what Julia watches. 

Video in comments <3 

~~~~ Totally Unrelated:

Almost every day, I get clickbait videos sent to me in Facebook Messenger by Julia's many followers. Since they show up, that means people (who are reading these words right now) are  getting phished, which suggests they aren't aware these videos are fake/malicious.  So here's a PSA in honor of my dad (IT guy) <3

So... they're fake.  And they can do bad things.

Here's what happens: You get a message from an actual friend, whom you likely trust, with some alarming / hilarious wording.  Usually something like "OMG it's a video of you!" or "LOL have you seen this???".  Coming from your friend, you probably want to see what all the fuss is about, and you CERTAINLY want to remove any unauthorized video of yourself!  So you click on the video (clickbait successful), and it takes you to either Facebook or YouTube to login.  But... it's not actually Facebook or YouTube.  It's a website designed to look just like Facebook or YouTube.  You enter your username and password, as prompted, but it doesn't work.  

...And guess who now has your login credentials. 

The hacker / phisher / spoofer on the other end can now login to YOUR Facebook account.  They can install malicious apps, spam (similar) messages to all your contacts, or hijack your account for their own purposes.  

It can be a HUGE pain to get your Facebook account back if you lose control.  So if you are attached to everything you have going on here... do the following.  I highly recommend doing this whether or not you clicked on something you shouldn't.  Instructions are for a PC -- phone is slightly different.

- Go to "Settings > Security and Login" ----- 1. Under the 'Login' section: change your password

----- 2. Under the 'Two Factor Authentication' section: turn on two-factor authentication*

----- 3. Under the 'Setting Up Extra Security' section: Choose friends as trusted contacts**

- Go to "Settings > Apps and Websites"

----- 4. Delete all apps you don't recognize (you, or "you", gave all these apps permission)

5. Make sure your antivirus is up to date.

* Two Factor Authentication means you will need to confirm it's you if Facebook detects a login from a new location.  This is an added layer of security if your username/password gets out.  And you won't be inconvenienced when logging in from places your account recognizes.  This 6 digit code CAN be phished, just like your username / password, but there are usually time constraints in place so it does a pretty good job.

** You can choose up to 5 Facebook friends as "trusted contacts".  If for any reason you lose control of your account, you can have an authentication URL sent to one of your trusted contacts.  This can get your account back in your hands with little effort. Both of these added security measure take literally a minute to setup.   And never click those links!



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