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August 3, 2019

Rough night last night for Julia.

I posted before I left for the hospital, so I didn't have the chance to update when I got there.  She just didn't look good.  I walked in, took one look at her, and went to find the nurse.  Her heart rate was sitting in the 180s and she was breathing really fast - you could see her whole abdomen move.  They weren't actual retractions and her nostrils weren't flaring (both signs of trouble breathing), but she was clearly off.  She also didn't really respond to me.  It wasn't like she was unconscious, she just didn't look at me when I called to her or stood in front of her.

The nurses were aware, and I guess they were in the process of getting fluids.  She was warm to the touch, but no true fever (100.0 was the highest).  Their best guess was dehydrated again, due to all the barfing.  I don't know what it is they look for in the blood to suggest dehydration, but they keep checking, and she never has it (whatever 'it' is).  But lots of fluids seem to help when she's acting weird.

They said her weirdness was likely because they had just given her IV Ativan.  And I suppose that's probably the case. I've never been there to witness the immediate effects of IV Ativan (only pill form), and they said it can definitely work that fast, in like, 10-15 minutes.  So it might have just been a combo of loopiness from Ativan and poor vitals from dehydration.  It's just so alarming to see her like that.

As Reed and I sat with her, she became more and more herself, though very tired.  She was very excited to pet this adorable stuffed dog I FINALLY got down to her (there is a gold ribbon for pediatric cancer on one ear, and "Julia" on the other - its so soft!)  And this new grocery basket is the best thing ever. A few Facebook friends sent in similar items (food you can cut... I guess in honor of her new BFF "Tomato"), so we added them together and she just couldn't be more satisfied.  She played with this grocery basket from about 9pm - 1am.  She finally exhausted herself and passed out in all her food.


So last night was rough, but she's been much better today.  Her vitals are all back to where we'd like them to be, and she really spent most of the day sleeping.  She's getting her bath now and fussing as expected.  We'll get word tomorrow if round 10 of chemo will start Monday or not.  I can't wait for this part of the treatment to be over. Her white cells dropping to nothing is the most serious side effect so far, so they're really keeping a close eye on her as she gets weaker and weaker through these treatments.


HAPPY Julia video in comments!



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