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August 29, 2019

Day 3 of chemo - 2 more days and this round is done.   She is as exhausted as expected.  

She was in a good mood when she woke up.  Speech therapy had a chance to work with her - they mostly just colored.  They tried to get her to use the communication board but she was too zoned out.  Speech colored with her for about 30 minutes until she got sick.  She barfed everywhere, needed a whole bath and string change, and then got some Benadryl.  

OT came by while she was getting cleaned up, and said they'd come back in 15 minutes.  By the time they got back, she was already out - the chemo + Benadryl + Speech therapy exhausted her.  So she fell asleep around 1pm and just woke up 15 minutes ago for her bath (in a very grumpy mood!)

She did go without her breathing rate again last night and did well =) No word that anything is changing, so I assume she'll continue to go without unless she starts to struggle.  And she's been on her HME all day today, and napped just fine.  So despite her total exhaustion, she continues to make great steps toward eventually being vent-free =)


I am definitely sick with something, so I'm avoiding both of my kids.  Reed usually comes home on Fridays to see Gabriel but I told him to stay away for at least another day or two.  So hopefully if everyone is feeling OK, we can do something together over the weekend.


No new video of grump-ball, but I did put 2 adorable clips in the comments.  Julia's is from exactly a year ago - she says one of her only words ("dada"... shocker), but she just asked about her daddy ALL DAY LONG.  She would get such a sad bummed out face if I said he wasn't home yet.  It's too adorable.  And then I got Gabriel on video the other night singing his ABCs along to the TV... both are so sweet!! <3 <3 



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