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August 23, 2019

Tonight is Reed's night at home, so the two of us are here enjoying time with Gabriel.  Julia is having a GREAT day, considering she's not with her daddy.  Both the day and night nurse said she's been in a really happy mood - super content with Peppa.  Vitals are all great.  She only threw up once during trach care, so that might have been a gag rather than an actual barf.  I actually just got off the phone with the nurse and she said it looks like Julia's just loungin' at home.  Both feet are propped up on the rails of the bed and she's just flipping through her soaps. 

She had both Speech Therapy and PT today.  Both worked with her for about 25 minutes, back-to-back.  She made it through but she wasn't nearly as cooperative as yesterday.  Speech worked with flash cards and PT tried to work on sitting up in bed (she HATED it).  They did officially note that she is more willing to participate if Reed is present.  And despite starting round 11 of chemo next week, they plan to visit her every day for an hour to get her ready for acute rehab (again, just in case we decide to go that route).

And speaking of chemo - it does start on Monday.  They most recently said it starts in another week, but it is scheduled for this Monday.  So I guess this weekend is as good as she'll feel for a while.  And because they want imaging before her next round, her MRI is scheduled for this Sunday at 1pm.  I'm super nervous.  We don't always get results right away, but I assume someone will look at them immediately (to check for anything really bad).  So if chemo continues as scheduled on Monday, at least we can assume that nothing grew - they did say in our team meeting that if there is ever growth, they would immediately discontinue chemo.  So I will do my best to not freak out until / if they delay chemo on Monday.

That's all I have for today.  I'm enjoying my 3/4 family night with a really bad stomach ache, so I didn't get to prep as much as usual.  No new video since we're not at the hospital, but I grabbed one from a year ago - Julia being VERY proud of herself for feeding Ashes one kibble at a time <3 



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