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August 16, 2019

Julia's had a decent day.  She slept really well last night.  The nurse said it was the longest in a row she's personally seen, so that's great =) And she's had a few good naps today.  

Vitals are all fine.  Still vomiting, one which resulted in a bonus round of trach care (which she hated).  She still had blood in her trach this morning, but hasn't been seen since.  There was also a little blood in her urine first thing in the morning, but then not again.  All labs look as expected.  She's had blood in her urine every few cycles of chemo, so I guess that's not super alarming.  And their current best guess for the blood in the trach is just irritation due to suctioning.  But they're keeping an eye on everything.

She had to get the needle in her chest port changed out today.  The nurse said she did a great job!  Child Life came in to help distract her (of course with Peppa Pig), and with some Lidocaine to numb the area, she didn't even seem to notice.  (It doesn't always go that well.)

Reed's home this evening for our night as a 75% family.  We picked up dinner and all watched a movie together for the first time since this whole thing started.  Then Gabriel spent about 3 hours bouncing back and forth on our couch... back and forth. back and forth.  Luckily I have a huge pile of Julia blankets waiting to go back to the hospital, so I used those as bumpers on the ends of the coffee table for when he takes a spill.  I blame Aunt Charlene and her trampoline.   The night is as nice as can be, given the circumstances.  Julia is contently watching cartoons on her iPad as I type =) 


I was contacted this week by the camp director for Bright Light Leaning Center in Chester Springs.  In the summer there is a group of camp kids ages 6-12 who participate in a bake sale to raise money for good causes.  At their talent show this week, they announced that they chose to donate half to the veteran's hospital and half to Julia <3 Picture below of all these amazing kids and their check for Julia!!  This money will go directly to her alternative treatments - their generosity and thoughtfulness is helping to keep a little sick girl alive.  Hopefully someday soon Julia can make a trip to their school!  Thank you <3 


Last night we FINALLY brought Julia's animal friends back down!  I don't know how they went missing, but she didn't have them for WEEKS.  They showed up in a huge load of wash I did, so I assume they were hiding in one of the take home bags.  It thought she'd be sooo excited to see Foxy, Elephant, and Tiger... but she just did the no-finger to all of them!!  We think she was so overwhelmed to see them that she didn't know what to do!  We tried to give them to her again 20 minutes later and she was ALL SMILES.  She played, and pet, and hugged, and put them on her head (because she's 2 and that's what you do).  And within 10 minutes she was asleep with Tiger on her face... right where he belongs <3 <3 (Video in comments)


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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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