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August 11, 2019

Round 10 of chemo is done, so she's headed into her worst week.  Now that the chemo is in her system, her heart rate will start to trend up (it usually sits at about 180 during this time), and her blood counts will start to drop.  This is when she's most vulnerable to complications and she generally needs several blood transfusions.  She's done (surprisingly) well in the past, so we're hoping she gets through another cycle with just feeling pretty crappy, and no actual issues.

Other than heart rate slightly elevated, she's done great today.  Vitals are solid, and she made it all the way until 8:00 without throwing up.  So that's really awesome for the day after chemo.  She's been happy, and cuddle, just a little tired.

But even being exhausted from chemo, she's completed her THIRD day in a row of nearly 12 hours on her HME.  The improvement from several weeks ago is crazy.  She was struggling to stay on it at all, like, even 15 minutes was rough.  Out of nowhere she started hitting half-days (for the first time).  The only thing that I can think of, is we added that secretion medication as suggested by one of her Facebook friends.  We haven't noticed much of a change in quantity, though the secretions appear to be less runny.  Maybe that was enough to make the HME possible.  

She got several FaceTime calls today, and she loved all of them.  Sometimes she's just watching TV, and she wants the person to sit on FaceTime and ... watch her watch TV.  She gets VERY upset if we say we have to go!  We get the most adamant no-finger ever.  She also found her front-facing camera and giggled and waved to herself for a solid half hour.  Maybe she didn't recognize the baby in the picture and thought she was playing with someone else!


Early update tonight since I'll be away from my computer around 10:00.  Don't want to post late and get anyone worried!  Reed sent over a short video of her requesting her grocery basket earlier today.  They're trying to put it on her left side to encourage her using her bad arm (she just reaches further with her right <3) So that's in the comments.  And in the picture you can see her brand new trick: pulling off her HME adapter on the trach.  So that's fun!


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