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April 6, 2019

Julia has slept almost all day.  Chemo just ended, so her sleepiest week is starting as all her numbers bottom out.  But other than being very tired, everything is fine.  Her vitals have been completely steady, so no concerns there at all.  Every lab has come back normal, so the cautionary dose of antibiotic is stopping.  And she hasn't thrown up once today!

Early this morning she got a burst of energy and was a kicky bug -  really kicking and squirming.  We think she's trying to roll over, but she's not very close.  And the attempt really wears her out.  She also had a death grip on Reed's finger with her left hand, so the strength is definitely coming back on that side!  Oh, and at  one point Tiger was laying on her belly, and she STRUGGLED to do it, but she got her arm all the way up there to pull him down.  She's doing such an amazing job.

Her big play time right now is around 4am with Reed.  For about an hour they do all kinds of playing - moving her animal friends, singing, making faces, pointing at numbers.  She loves doing "Where's Julia?" again, and her favorite: "Where's Tiger?"  She only hides him down out of her view, but she clearly does the "I don't know" upturned hand/shrug thing, and makes like a frowny-question face.  And then she yanks him up and smiles.  She played this game ALL THE TIME right before she got sick.  And the nurses spend lots of time reading her books if she happens to wake up while Reed is sleeping =)

Oh.  And she has a new word.'s Peppa.  This little girl... is a Peppa baby.  She knows RIGHT where her big Peppa doll is all the time now, and will point to him (her?) if he's not there.  Reed caught her even HOLDING PEPPA'S HAND while watching Peppa on TV.  I have no idea why it didn't cross his mind to take a picture of that adorable moment!!  

I'm going to try to get Reed out early next week for his appointments and dinner with big guy since Julia will be sleeping 22 hours a day.  It will probably be the best time for a short outing. Julia just had a really great day, especially considering her exhaustion. 


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