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April 13, 2019

Reed said Julia had an OK day, but she hasn't been very happy since Charlene and I have been here.  Lots of tears, and just doesn't seem herself.  We think we probably woke her up from a nap, and she's just really tired =(  Vitals have been fine all day.  No throwing up (so many days in a row!) She's really just sleeping around the clock.   Earlier today Reed tried to sing to her, and do some counting and ABCs but she only wanted Peppa. 

After going through a whole list of suggestions, we finally determined she wanted cuddles with Reed.  So right now she's laying on daddy, BARELY managing to keep her eyes open.  But no matter how tired she is, she's determined to play a matching game on my phone.  It's just a drag and drop game where you match fruits, and she started playing it at like, 18 months old.  She hasn't touched it since her surgery in November (obviously).  I took it out just to see if she'd remember it, and she did!  Her hand is shaky, but she's matching the shapes just like before =) 

So she played a few rounds before her bath, and then after the bath we couldn't figure out what the heck she wanted, and we finally realized she was pointing at my phone (I THOUGHT she was pointing at me for hugs, but she'd just push me away and get upset). 

So even though she's been a bit grumpy, she's now super content cuddling on daddy, playing her matching game.  But she's SO TIRED she can't keep her eyes open.

Actually - she JUST fell asleep.  She's mid-match with her fingers on the phone, but she ran out of gas.  I'm going to get a picture <3  

And now Reed tried to set the phone down and she woke up and started matching again.  

[Edit: Back asleep.  Official ruling.  Sleeping with her little finger on a strawberry.  Lol.  Charlene just propped the phone up with a pillow so she will stay asleep, since she keeps waking up if the phone is moved.  Played until she couldn't play anymore.]

[Video on Facebook - can't upload to YouTube at hospital tonight. Will try when I get home]

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