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Birthday Bash 2019!




Update - Nov.05.2019: There are four kids birthdays happening in November/December. Gabriel (Julia's brother, turning 2), Julia (turning 3), Joshua (Julia's cousin, turning 9), and Kinley (Julia's Cousin, turning 13). We received so many great suggestions for how to celebrate everyone's birthdays. Thank you! Many people suggested that Child Life help put together a joint birthday here at the hospital, so that's what we're doing.


We will be celebrating all four birthdays on the same day, November 27th. We'll get the play room reserved, and be able to decorate and do presents. They will go through a nice organization and get a custom cake made. Hopefully Julia will still be herself come this time and all four kids can have a really special party. 

This party will be for family members only, but if you'd like to be a part of this mega-birthday celebration, please feel tree to send a card or gift to Amy's office (link). There is NO obligation or expectation to participate, but since several people have asked, we wanted to include the information here. 

Card or Gift ideas: 

  • Julia will be 3 (loves coloring - literally has every Peppa toy in existence)

  • Brother Gabriel will be 2 (loves Paw Patrol, planes, buses, and tractors)

  • Cousin Joshua will be 9 (loves video games, YouTube and Nerf guns)

  • Cousin Kinley will be 13 (loves teenage girl stuff: clothes and makeup, obsessed with Twilight, Harry Potter, and Paris)

  • Shopping for kids is tough, but if you're interested in sizes: Gabriel is 2T, Julia is 4T, Joshua is 10, Kinley is 14.  We have pretty much every major department store / restaurant chain in our area, including the gigantic King of Prussia mall.

  • And of course, you can always donate to our GoFundMe for Julia's Birthday. 

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