The very day after Amy's father lost his fight to cancer, Amy and her husband received the devastating news that her daughter Julia has Clival Chordoma - an extremely rare and deadly form of childhood bone/brain cancer.


There are so few ways we can help a family facing these overwhelming circumstances. One thing we can do is allow them to focus on their time with Julia, and not whether or not they'll end up losing their home. 


That's the purpose of this campaign--to help with all of the expenses that go along with caring for a young child with cancer.  Amy and Reed are doing what they can to ensure they're both still able to work as much as possible, but they're spending a huge amount of money on alternative treatments, transportation, and childcare for their young son, Gabriel. They're also trying to ensure they're in a position, financially, for one of them to quit and care for Julia full-time should she beat the odds and come home with any sort of health issues or disabilities. 


Thank you so much for all of your support.


Visit the Chordoma Foundation

Looking to help?

Your continued support is helping this family get by every day!  Consider, donating to the GoFundMe, buying a T-shirt or send a gift card to offset daily expenses.  Your generosity is really making a difference!  THANK YOU!


Julia Adams' Story...

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Meet Julia Adams
I'm 2 years old and I have a rare and serious form of childhood bone cancer. I'm doing my best to beat it, but my family needs your help!